About Us - Not Used

Prints.152 was established in June 2020. The journey began after sharing my love for my home via an Instagram blog. After witnessing just how many other people held the same passion for sharing stylish and unique aspects of their homes, I decided to make my prints and designs available for everybody else to enjoy. Within my first two months of establishing myself and the business I gained over 1,250 followers on my Instagram page. This has now given me the opportunity to expand further, creating my website in hopes to reach even more home lovers! 


As a Graphic Designer also known under Xantherose Designs, I have been able to create more exposure for myself and my work which is showcased across my various Instagram accounts. Prints.152 comes under the Xantherose Designs umbrella and is a way for me to divide my work styles into categories so I can attract the right audience to the portfolio of work, depending on their needs.